Have you ever given a terrible gift?

You just spent $100-$200 on a gift for your girlfriend and she doesn't even like it? I understand where you are, I have been in the exact same position. I've spent countless dollars on gifts that I genuinely thought my significant other would enjoy, just to see it get thrown in the black abyss of her closet never to be seen again. Let's be honest, the female brain is wired dramatically different than the male brain. Sometimes the perfect gift you think you're getting your girlfriend or wife, is the absolute last thing they actually want.
A fact that I can't shake keeps popping into my head, Shoppers will return $90 Billion (yes with a “B”) worth of holiday merchandise this season. That is unreal to me! There has to be a solution to this massive issue. Let's be straight up, Amazon is GREAT, but provides endless choices, and puts all of the pressure on you to pick the perfect gift. So through a couple of creative resources, I have found a way to sift through the sea of internet products and categorize them into sections that your girl may fit into (see "What type of girl?" section on our home page).
But my best resource has been my significant other. No matter how much research I do, I will think a product is going to be an absolute hit, and she is there to reassure why it's not a great idea. In which I appreciate her so much for! Having that female mind working behind the scenes is crucial in our product research. As well as a crucial part in ensuring you pick the right gift, the first time. 
If you are still having a difficult time finding the right gift, I would love to help. Or if you want to brag about how much your girlfriend loved her gift, DM or tweet me @jacegyg